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1008, 2019

China: Huoshi Church in Guizhou Raided Again

Huoshi Church in China’s Southwest Guizhou province was raided again by the police on Sunday. The local authorities came with more than hundreds of staff from Public Security Bureau, Religious Affairs Bureau, and Residential Committee in Nanming District while the house church was having its Sunday service.

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908, 2019

Nigeria: Pastor Killed, Wife Abducted While Traveling to Capital in Kaduna State

Gunmen ambushed Pastor Jeremiah Omolara and his family as they were driving to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. They opened fire on the car, instantly killing the pastor. Their son, who was reportedly in the car with them was able to escape, but his wife was abducted and now being held for ransom.

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508, 2019

India: Public Awareness, Pressure Help Persecuted Christians Win Justice

Members of the Sikh community disrupted a Christian wedding yielding rods and sticks and threatening the attendees to leave and then pressed false charges against them. Police arrested 10 Christians, including the wife and 3 year-old daughter of a pastor. Authorities finally dropped charges after pressure from social media and Christian organizations.

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208, 2019

Pakistan: Church Continues to Worship in the Face of Terrorist Threats

For more than a month, the head pastor of an Assembly of God Church in Karachi has been receiving threats to stop hosting prayer services and other church activities in his community. In a phone call last week, an unidentified group reportedly threatened t to blow up the church if he did not halt all activities.

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