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Heirloom Love is the legendary first-century Christian love that changed the world 2,000 years ago and can change the world again today!

HEIRLOOM LOVE is the legendary first-century Christian love that changed the world 2,000 years ago and can change the world again today! In the early church, people were coming to Christ even during times of intense persecution. They were willing to follow Jesus even if it meant losing their loved ones, their livelihoods, and their very lives.

In comparison, today we go to great lengths to woo people into the front door of a church, but in many cases, there are just as many or more walking out the back door. Could it be that the seekers aren’t finding something worth living for let alone dying for? Is the problem rooted in our love?

We think we know love, but when we read the New Testament carefully and honestly, we discover that today’s love is very different from the early church love that changed the world. We are familiar with the New Testament passages on love, but we seem to have lost the biblical meaning and the love practiced by the first believers.

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This book is about rediscovering authentic Christianity. Radical love, that is true to its roots. I appreciate the way Dominic dares to question his own culture in a self-critical way. To get back to the original, we need to deeply study the Scriptures. They were mostly written in contexts of discrimination, exile, suffering and persecution. Together we will discover that caring for our persecuted fellow Christians should be one of our highest priorities.

Dr. Christof

Evangelical Theological Faculty

Wow! I’m still so blown away by the impact of Heirloom Love and it is my privilege to continue to put this book in the hands of unsuspecting people who have no idea that their hearts and lives are about to be transformed with a commitment to stand with our persecuted brothers and sisters worldwide. Bless you, Dominic, for your obedience to God in this call to action and for being so generous in our partnership in this endeavor to raise awareness and involvement on behalf of those persecuted!


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Heirloom Love challenges those of us in the ‘western church at ease’ on two fronts: our ‘lukewarm love’ toward our Lord in the stewardship of all He has given and our blindness toward the agonizing persecution of our Brothers & Sisters in Christ around the world. It is Dominic’s connection of these two realities that will reignite your passion for knowing, loving and serving Him. Thank you, Dominic, for giving us one of the most powerful books on stewardship/love that I have ever read.


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