Sri Lanka: The Weight of the Cross

Anusha’s Story

As we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection, our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka found themselves crushed under the weight of His cross.

Our sister Anusha Kumari is among the survivors who lost everything last Sunday.  The picture above was taken moments before Anusha wrestled herself free from her sister and threw herself on the grave of her husband and children.

Jesus listened as she cried out in desperation. I hope you will too… Please click here to watch her story.

Friends, we don’t understand the cross but thank God for the resurrection. Without it, there would be no hope … for Anusha … or any of us.

The death toll is now at 359 with more than 500 injured in the blasts that were instigated by the Islamic State.

Thank you, friends, for generously giving to help pay the medical and funeral expenses for our Sri Lankan family.

Please pray fervently for Anusha and all of our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka who were affected by the attacks. Learn their stories…know their names. Pray their faith is strengthened and their hope restored.

And please share Anusha’s story with your friends who love Jesus and pray.

Mercy and Truth always,

brother Dominic

Special thanks to George Thomas Reporting for sharing Anusha’s powerful story.