A Desperate Mother’s Plea

Time is ticking for our sister Leah. On September 16 the Islamic group Boko Haram said that they will kill Leah in 30 days unless a ransom is paid.

In an act of desperation, Leah’s mother Rebecca Sharibu went on Nigeria’s national news to plead for help from anyone who would listen. I watched the video and my heart just ached.

Who will help Leah?  Please watch the video below and join the body of Christ in carrying the Sharibu family’s burden – to say that they need us is an understatement.

It is heartbreaking, raw and emotional, but I’m sure it is only a glimpse of the anguish she and her family are experiencing right now as each day goes by.

I hope after watching the video you feel even more compelled, as I do, to pray earnestly for sister Leah, her parents Rebecca and Nathan, and her family, whose faith is being tested in ways that we can not even imagine.

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Boko Haram’s deadline looms. We have 8 days.

Mercy and truth be with you,

Brother Dominic