A “Slave for Life”

I write today with more heartbreaking news about our sister Leah and those in captivity with her in Nigeria. Yesterday, Boko Haram executed another Red Cross worker, Hauwa Leman (pictured above). In the video of her execution, they delivered a new message about Leah’s fate: they would keep her as a “slave for life.”

These executions, one by one, are another reminder of how evil Boko Haram is. The girls they kidnap are raped, tortured and sold as slaves. The precious lives they hold captive are meaningless and expendable to them. And if Leah is treated like most of their slaves, she too will be …

Leah Sharibu (photo courtesy of the Sharibu family)

Knowing this devastates me. And I ache for her parents, Rebecca and Nathan. For the past eight months, they have been living a sadistic, emotional rollercoaster. They want their daughter back, safe in their arms.

Instead, they now must live in constant anguish knowing their daughter is suffering a living nightmare every day. How they must struggle to cling to faith in these circumstances. And how they will need to cling to the cross to drag them through this.


We need to join them in that struggle and help to carry their burden. We must continue to pray…stand for our sister Leah.

And we need to continue to hope and pray for her deliverance. Throughout history, the Lord has shown us how He uses the most impossible situations for His glory.

I am so grateful for you and encouraged by the thousands of you – you and your churches – who are praying for Leah and asking for updates.

Of course, I will keep you posted on any news. I will also keep the faith…and I pray you do too.


“Carry each other’s burdens,
and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

(Galatians 6:2 NLV)

Mercy and truth,

Brother Dominic