Asia Bibi Acquitted!

I have great news for you but also very concerning news.

This morning, the Supreme court in Pakistan acquitted our Christian sister Asia Bibi of blasphemy. They overturned her death sentence and released her after spending eight years in prison.

Praise the Lord for this wonderful news for Asia and her family!

And Thank God for the Supreme Court justices who had the courage to do the right thing even though the Islamist said that they would kill the judges if they released Asia.

As we expected, the announcement of Asia’s release has resulted in a backlash of outrage and violent rioting in Pakistan. Police clashes have been reported and paramilitary forces have been deployed. Based on past experience, we fear that many Christians may be killed and could be a mass destruction of Christian homes and churches because of it.  For now, the government has imposed a national curfew.

I fear for Asia, her family and our brothers and sisters in Pakistan.  Please pray earnestly for their safety and safety of all Christians in Pakistan. Pray also for the Supreme Court justices, who risked their lives by making the landmark acquittal.

Thank you,

brother Dominic