Nigeria: Enter the Matrix

Call me slow, but I just saw the 1990’s blockbuster sci-fi called “The Matrix.” I was awestruck by its imaginary, yet in some ways, almost prophetic world view.

In it there are two worlds: One where people are free and one of a virtual reality where people are controlled by another power – the Matrix. Throughout the movie, Neo, the lead character, moves between the worlds and questions which is really real.

We live in a Matrix of sorts. In our Matrix, evil reigns. We have a dim view of it here in the Western world because we’re nestled comfortably in a uniquely insulated bubble, living in a world that is not reality. Let me explain…

This summer, I was in Switzerland speaking at a persecution conference. The country’s landscape is magnificent, and our accommodations were picture-perfect. Lodged in an alpine retreat center settled on top of snow-capped mountains, we could look down to see a beautiful lake supporting the small town below. The people who lived there were as pleasant as their surroundings.

Just two days after I returned from this serene, almost surreal experience, I got a call from my dear friend in Nigeria who lives in true reality. “Pray for us,” he said. “Our village was just attacked by the Fulanis (Islamists). Two hundred people have been killed and thousands more have been driven from their homes and are without food.”

He sent me photos. I saw reality. It crushed me. I’ll never be the same. Suddenly, Switzerland was a distant memory. True reality was instantly exposed.

In Nigeria, we get a glimpse of the evil one who comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). And, of the real world that is under its power. (1 John 5:19) We don’t see it nearly as much in the U.S. because our society, based on rapidly eroding Judeo-Christian values, won’t yet permit evil to reign like it desires.

But we do see it in Nigeria which is under the evil one’s reign. It’s been reported that 60,000+ mostly Christians were slaughtered in the last 10 years and several hundred thousand more are now homeless – driven from their homes and farms for the name of Jesus. Today they’re struggling just to survive.

These brothers and sisters of ours are being raped, murdered…butchered with machetes. Babies are being cut out of wombs. They don’t have a government who fights for their rights to worship a risen Savior. They don’t have a police force who protects and serves. All they have is hope in Jesus and their fellow believers…us.

They need us. We must remember and care for them. It pains them to think that they’re forgotten. Please visit our website at to keep up with and pray according to the latest persecution news. Seeking to know their circumstances is the first step to making a difference in their lives.

And, please forward this message to your friends who love Jesus and pray.

Mercy and truth be with you.

Brother Dominic

p.s. There is objectionable language in The Matrix. You might consider using a service like VidAngel or ClearPlay to filter language when watching the movie.