Paradigm-Shifting Faith

Christian persecution isn’t just half-way-around-the-world – it’s in our backyard and it’s very troubling. In Chiapas, Mexico our brothers and sisters are suffering greatly for Jesus’ name. 

Meet Miguel Diaz and his family who came to Christ four years ago. He lived in a small village in Chiapas where indigenous Roman Catholics aggressively persecute evangelical Christians. 

After constant abuse and ridicule, the village leaders cut off his water supply and forced Miguel and his family of eight children and elderly father to leave the community, their home and all that they knew. 

They sought refuge on a nearby mountain where they survive by collecting the morning dew from a nylon sheet and rainwater that falls from the metal roof of a shelter they built.  They store the water in soda bottles found on the roadside.

They are starting over…from scratch and completely dependent on Jesus.

Shack where the Pérez family has taken refuge in Mitontic-Chiapas, Mexico.
Miguel states that “it doesn’t matter if we have to live in suffering, persecution … to live close to God is a blessing. To follow Christ is beautiful.”

Wow! Their willingness to — and even joy to — endure hardships for Jesus turns my Christian paradigm upside down — maybe now it’s right side up:/
In contrast, we Americans go to great lengths to make our lives more comfortable because we can. Heck, we’ve created a new pastime – “glamping” – just to make camping cushier!

But our persecuted family like Miguel is choosing to bypass comfort for Jesus. They have truly surrendered themselves, their belongings and their security to be content in Christ. 
Jesus tells us it will cost us “everything” to follow Him (Luke 14:25-35). Miguel and his faith-filled family know what that means. 
As I type this, I can’t help but think of them praying for rain, so that they can fill the empty bottles from their tarp. And what about food – where and how do they get food? 

Please pray for these precious brothers and sisters of ours – for their well-being, provision, protection and kingdom prosperity. And pray for us – that we will endure more like them…more like Jesus!

Mercy and Truth always,

Brother Dominic

Special thanks to Morning Star News and Federico-Sarao for this story and images.