Trading Grit for Glory

I’m so excited…the Lord is using my book Heirloom Love to radically multiply the number of American Christians who are caring for our persecuted brothers and sisters.   

Let me share with you one of my favorite stories: 

I was asked by a pastor on the West Coast to speak to his church because many of his members had read Heirloom Love and wanted to hear more. He warned me by saying, “We’re just a small church in one of the most gang populated, high crime areas of our city. Ex-gang members, adult dancers, ex-convicts, drug addicts and dealers have all sat in our pews at some point. Our people don’t have much, but they have a really big heart.” He then added, “we’re in one of the most dangerous areas in our city, but don’t worry, I’m packing and I’ll be watching you.”  

Did I have some doubts? Of course I did! But I went. 

Before I arrived, the church had a garage sale to raise money to help the persecuted. One neighbor donated a motorcycle and a widow even donated her wedding ring! They raised $21,000 and a few months later they gave another $18,000 to redeem Christian slaves in Asia!

Wow! Having a ‘really big heart’ doesn’t even begin to describe this church. They got it! They denied themselves and their things for the sake of the suffering body of Christ. I was blown away.

Even more importantly, the pastor and his wife pray every night for persecuted Christians.  And this year, they’re organizing a conference for all churches in their city to come and learn more about our persecuted brothers and sisters. 

They would tell you that the Lord is reviving their church as they care for their persecuted family.

This is the legendary Christian love that changed the world 2,000 years ago and is changing our world again today. 

You too can join this incredible movement by starting your own Heirloom Love small group Bible study. But be prepared…it’s a journey that will change your life!

Mercy and truth always,

Brother Dominic