When Darkness Preys

Have you ever been hunted? Considered prey? These may seem like odd questions to us. But I want you to try to imagine what it’s like to live on the run in a perpetual state of fear and anxiety knowing that you’re not safe – just because you believe in Jesus.

Our Christian sister Ebtehaj Mostafa is being hunted by her very own family because she left Islam to follow Jesus.  They’ve been hunting her since 2005 after she was jailed five times for her faith in Sudan and then fled to Egypt.

They tracked Ebtehaj for 12 years before capturing her in a Cairo market.  After being sprayed by a chemical that left her unconscious, she awoke in a dark, windowless room, tied to a chair and tethered to the beginning of a nightmare.

Despite her pleas to stop, her abductors took turns raping her while mocking and spitting on her.  They laughed as they burned her bare back – 26 times – with a lit cigarette.

Throughout the ordeal, they demanded she renounce Jesus or they would kill her and her family. But she refused, saying she would rather die than deny Christ.       

Unable to persuade her to leave her faith, they delivered a blow to her head that left her unconsciousness and then dumped her on a busy city street.

She amazes me. I’m overwhelmed by Ebtehaj’s perseverance and resolve to remain true to Jesus. And I am grateful for her courage to speak out, despite the danger she still faces.

But as much as I would like to tie a nice bow on her story, I’m afraid I can’t. Ebtehaj recently learned that her brother just arrived in town and is asking for her. So for now, she remains on the run.

I am deeply concerned for her and her family’s safety if she is discovered again. She has risked everything just to let us know how the body of Christ is suffering.

In this precious sister of ours, we are humbly reminded of the sufferings that our Lord endured for us.

In your prayers, please remember Ebtehaj and all those who suffer for the name of Jesus.

And share her story with your friends who love Jesus and pray.

Mercy and truth always,

brother Dominic

Special thanks to Morning Star News for originally reporting Ebtehaj’s story.